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Open Air Party/Festival Packinglist

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Antaris Project 2006
Antaris Project 2006 (Photo: Thomas Räse)

The purpose of this packing list is to help you never forget anything important while taking part in an open-air festival or an outdoor party that lasts several days. Some of these suggestions could ease your festival life dramatically. In all probability this list contains a bit more than you actually need, therefore all items are to be considered as simply providing inspiration and may of course be omitted according to requirements. Feel free to send additions to: Richard Cattien <rc.foreign at>


A big thank you for additions goes to: Jörg, goaman, René, Tanja, Dirk, Raule, Mike, Alice, kev, Gunter, Ulli, Stefan, dr. luv, baq (thanks for mentioning in the Mushroom Magazine), Olaf (thanks for contributing the new title picture of 2006), Arne, Thomas (thanks for contributing the title picture (en) for 2007), Joern (thanks for contributing the title picture (de) for 2007), Thaís, Alan Frostick (corrections with the English translation), Vivi, Raz Drez for the first french translation, Tamara


Body care / Personal

Eating, drinking



What you should leave at home

Checks before leaving home

What else to bear in mind?

I would be very thankful for additions and help for the English translation. If you want to add something or correct a translation error, just drop me an email at rc.foreign at

Links to festival websites

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